Nós os portugueses,

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eles os dinamarqueses.
Depois de ler isto, tenho cada vez mais vontade de ir comprovar! Acho que compensa ser a última a ir de férias.
Leiam tudo aqui, vale a pena.

“What makes Denmark such a creative nation?
Denmark is such a small country, so Danes have always had to be good at fighting for their thoughts and beliefs. The organizational power distance in Denmark is low, meaning there are fewer organizational layers leading to faster decision making. I would also say that we dare to take the initiative, run risks, and commit ourselves without fearing the consequences! We trust each other, we are well-educated (strong intellectual capital), and we are flexible and like to work.

What makes Carlsberg creative?
A lot of our creativity comes from what I mentioned above. I would also say that Carlsberg has introduced a leadership model where mistakes are OK to make – as long as you learn from them. Responsibility is taken where the challenges and “problems” occur. We don’t wait to act! This leads to a more creative and innovative mindset. At the workshop in New York I made a beer-cocktail (“beertail”), which is beer put in another context, and it created a lot of smiles, especially among those who usually don’t drink beer.
That’s creativity!”



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July 21, 2011 at 9:54 am

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  1. Confesso que também desejo visitar o país! Diziam que eram os latinos do norte da europa, mas com a caracterização feita, penso que temos que mudar muitas mentalidades até chegar perto! Felizmente existe muita gente com capacidade e que consegue ultrapassar dificuldades que os Dinamarqueses não têm. O que é um fator relevante para a criatividade e consequente inovação! E a walk é um exemplo dessa criatividade e inovação!
    Ia beber uma Carlsberg, mas vou contribuir para atenuar a nossa crise e vou beber uma super-bock!


    July 21, 2011 at 10:28 pm

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